Partition Construction

Partition Fabrication for PITT Cooktops

Integrating a PITT cooktop over an oven or within a partition for a drawer set requires careful planning and design.


A disclaimer Terminology Clarification: The terms “Partition” and “Gable” are used interchangeably throughout this guide.

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Key Point: PITT units are designed for installation from underneath the countertop. When a PITT unit intersects a partition, a split partition must be fabricated.


Caution: Never position a PITT unit atop a permanently affixed partition.

Fabricating a Split Partition

Objective: This guide provides an approach that utilizes the standard carcass unit, adjusting only where necessary to accommodate the PITT unit.

Critical Measurement: A minimum of 150mm clearance is required from the structural low point (e.g., underneath the front support rail) of the cabinet structure. Critical Measurement Critical Measurement

In the demonstration, the arrangement comprises three cabinets, each 900mm in width, and a PITT unit (Drum) with a width of 1200mm. Critical Measurement Critical Measurement

Cutting Specifications: Cuts are necessary at the 150mm and 250mm marks.

  • The minimum 150mm is a guideline; adjust based on specific components like drawer runners. This ensures proper space for PITT unit installation. Critical Measurement Critical Measurement

  • The two carved out sections interlock seamlessly, akin to puzzle pieces, allowing for easy reassembly when needed. Critical Measurement Critical Measurement

Outcome: The end result is a gable/partition that is easy to disassemble and provides ample space for installation. Critical Measurement Critical Measurement

Modifying a Pre-existing Fixed Partition

If faced with an already established fixed partition, modifications are imperative.