Post Install

After completing the installation of your PITT Cooking unit, it’s essential to perform a final check to ensure that everything is in order. Use the following checklist to confirm that your installation is successful and safe.


Make sure to complete these final checks to ensure that your PITT Cooking unit is installed correctly and is ready for use.

Control Knob Check

  • Are all control knobs securely attached?
  • Do the control knobs turn smoothly without any hindrance?

    Ensure that all control knobs are securely attached and can be turned smoothly. Any issues with the control knobs could lead to operational problems.

Trivet Check

  • Are the tivets aligned correctly?

    This check is particularly important for the large 18mj burners. This is what it looks like when the trivets are correctly aligned:

    Correct Correct

    And this is what it looks like when they are not correctly aligned:

    Wrong Wrong


Make sure that the trivets are aligned correctly. If they are not, refer to step 9 in the installation guide for adjustments. Step 9 Image Step 9 Image